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Join us Sunday morning as we start a new series called, "Plain and Simple." In Isaiah 55:8, the Lord declares, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways...”  Sometimes we look at all that God asks us to do as followers and we just wonder if it is possible.  I believe the answer to the question is "Plain and Simple" we must choose to live according to His way.  Jesus made it clear when He said, His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Join us as we look at some plain and simple things you can do that will radically change your life.

Also, we have a few ways for you to connect, so turn off Netflix, Disney + or Tik Tok and join us this week. We have Small Groups(Circles) throughout the week for Middle School, High School, Young Adults, and Adults. Or join us TONIGHT at 8:15 pm for new Tuesday Night Bible Class with John Maguire. We will be talking about Jesus and the end times. We hope to see your face on a screen sometime this week!

Foundations Bible Class
Tonight - 8:15pm Join John Maguire on Zoom (Tonight Teaching on Jesus and the end times)

Adult Groups
Wednesday Nights - 8pm Join The Stutzman's Life Circle
Thursday Nights - 9pm Join The Clymer's Life Circle
Saturday Mornings - 10am JOin The VanEtten's Life Circle (Parent's with Kids Only)

YTHco. (Student Groups)
Monday Nights - 8pm Join 9th & 10th Grade Girls Life Circle (Starts April 13th)
Tuesday Nights - 7pm Join 11th & 12th Grade Girls Life Circle
Friday Morning - 11am Join the 11th & 12th Grade Guys Life Circle
Friday Nights - 7pm Join the Middle School Girls Life Circle
Friday Nights - 8pm Join the Middle School Guys Life Circle

(All Zoom Group Links available at

Stay connect as more opportunities are coming in the next week. Also, if you have a need head over to or text us at 517-917-0415 and let us know.


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